Colors Of A Woman

Our lives and our stories consist of many colors.

The Mission

My stories are my colors.

I have been through so much in my short amount of time on this earth. So much of which connects and colors the fabric of all of our lives.

My hope is that through my stories, other might find their voice, too. That they will find the strength and feel the permission to release their most intimate vulnerabilities as well.

Your voice is important, your stories are important.

Colors of a Woman

The Blog

  • Bravery.
    It’s the bravest work a person can do. Opening your eyes to the sound of your alarm. Heart breaking and tearing apart at the seams after a long, tormenting and sleepless night. Your tired body, your tired soul, want nothing more than to just exist within the warmth of yourself. Unwilling to expose your heartContinue reading “Bravery.”
  • Stay.
    I love that the turn of spring is occurring during this season of my life. The days are growing longer. The weather, growing warmer. Signs of life are sprouting all around. My soul, delighted by each new flower as it blooms. The earth is reawakening. And so am I. The bright, vibrant colors of myContinue reading “Stay.”
  • Gone.
    My heart has lost its home. My life’s light, my favorite and most precious thing in this world. Gone. Heartbreak was something I was never supposed to feel again. Yet here I am, swallowed in its darkness once more. The fire to my earth has been extinguished and turned to ash. I am left alone,Continue reading “Gone.”

About The Author

Kelly Leilani

Vulnerability has not always been my strength. Growing up gay conditioned me to hide – most especially, to hide my pain. I have found purpose in writing. It has allowed me to share my struggles, my triumphs, my heartbreaks, and my darkest of moments for the first time in my life.


What People Say

  1. Christen on Stay.

    I’m so glad you stayed. My life is better because you are in it ❤️

  2. Wendy on Stay.

    I love you! Your writing is beautiful! You are an amazing strong woman and I am very proud of you!…

  3. John Borth on Gone.

    Deuteronomy 31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake…

  4. Lisa lodati on Gone.

    Kelly, once again your words go right to my core. You don’t know how much I hate to see you…

  5. Wendy on Gone.

    I am truly broken hearted for you! You are such a devoted person. You go in 100%! Don’t ever change…