It’s the bravest work a person can do. Opening your eyes to the sound of your alarm. Heart breaking and tearing apart at the seams after a long, tormenting and sleepless night. Your tired body, your tired soul, want nothing more than to just exist within the warmth of yourself. Unwilling to expose your heart – those raw nerves. To the cruelty of this world. Not again. Life is messy. Love is messy. And here you are at the dawn of a new day facing the bravery of starting again. 

It is bravery to leave that cocoon. To embrace the unknowing that today brings. The smallest accomplishments – a milestone. The first step. Always a concerted effort to move forward.

I hope you do not lose your softness amidst this chaos. I hope your heart does not harden amidst this hurt. It is brave to continue to love, despite the lack you received in return. It is brave to keep going. It is brave to keep believing in something more. It is brave to keep learning how to rise.

Fight. Fight against that easy path. It is more brave to leave your heart open, than to close it off. This is what makes you strong. 

Do not close yourself off to this world. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be. The beautiful story you once dreamt. Was just a dream in itself.

Believe that your beautiful story is right around the corner – because it is.

But only. Only. If you only. If only you keep moving forward.

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