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Kelly Leilani

We all have a colorful story.

Confession. I was never someone who wrote – hell – I was never someone who enjoyed writing. This blog began as nothing more than a personal journal.

Journaling. Something I fantasized would be a healing adult thing to do. Something I never actually saw myself doing..

After writing my very first journal entry ever (Beginnings.) I asked my girlfriend Katie to read it. I wanted her to see my inner workings. I am not very skilled at verbal emotional expression – it is a conditioned behavior I have struggled with since childhood. Verbalizing the overwhelming ocean that is my heart has always proven to be an impossible task – a scary, vulnerable, task. That is, until I journaled. Holy hell there’s a lot in there and I finally found a way to get it out! I have so much to say. So much of which is so important. So much of which relates to and colors the fabric of all of our lives.

After reading my first entry, eyes wide, Katie looked at me and said, “This needs to be a thing.”

Well. Here we are.

I dedicate Colors of a Woman to two women I am boundlessly lucky to have in my life. To my Katie who has been my biggest cheerleader, support system, and endless source of encouragement. I would not have begun this journey without you. And to Lori. My dearest friend who has told me for 7 years now, “You need to write a book.” This isn’t quite a book – yet – but here I am, Lor. I did it.

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