Coming out. Part one.

“Coming out. The two words that defined my entire life thus far. The words I feared. The day I dreaded. I was about to lose everything.” I grew up in a big house in the middle of the woods. The trees and the stream running through our property raised me. Where other girls my ageContinue reading “Coming out. Part one.”

Me too. Part four. Family.

“My trauma was hidden and swept under the rug. That day, my trauma became a secret.” Sexual assault isn’t something that just happens and then it’s over. It isn’t just one event – it’s a series of events. Like an earthquake that tears apart the earth. The magnitude of destruction does not stop at groundContinue reading “Me too. Part four. Family.”

Me too. Part three.

“I was naked. My clothes were taken and examined for evidence. I was urine and blood tested. The bottoms of my fingernails were scraped. I was swabbed on every surface and crevice of my body…” The phone call I made to my mother that dreadful morning is something that still deeply scars her to thisContinue reading “Me too. Part three.”


“I hate homosexuality. I hate heterosexuality. I hate that they’re things that exist. I hate them.”  …Me. Me. The mess that is me. Where do I even start? As I sit here still longing for words to flow, maybe that’s where I start. The struggle of finding words. Moreover, the struggle of emitting my emotions.Continue reading “Me.”